Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Child Sex Abuse Getting $1 Million Cancer Treatment From Taxpayers Money (Video)

The 18th Amendment is why taxpayers are paying for medical care of all incarcerated. Unfortunately, we the taxpayers are burdened with all expenses of all criminals: legal fees, maintaining prison buildings, utilities, food, and a vast network of employees that branch into different fields. They do the time but we pay for it literally in more ways than one. Governor Herbert of Utah approved HB116 (Guest Worker Bill ) in 2011 endorsed by Bishop Burton- Church of JC of Latter-Day Saints. Utah Attorney General with Obama to implement waivers and exemptions , law was to go into effect 2013. So, if it did and this state is ‘welcoming’ to illegal immigrants, it is now paying the price for it.

A Mexican citizen who was charged for repeatedly sexually abusing his 8-year-old stepdaughter was draining Utah County jail’s medical budget after being diagnosed with cancer.

Watch the video below!

Via Breitbart:

Gerardo Valerio-Romero, a 49-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl who is a relative of his. While in the custody of Utah County, the illegal alien was diagnosed with cancer and began receiving treatment.


Salt Lake Tribune reporter Taylor Anderson noted how the illegal alien’s cancer treatment — funded by Utah taxpayers — is draining the county’s budget:

Even at a discount, Valerio-Romero’s cancer treatments have drained the county jail’s medical budget. His case is set for trial early next month, and he’s caught the interest of federal immigration officials who will look at possibly deporting him if he’s acquitted. Until then, he’s in Utah’s court system, where his case is stalled and costs from his treatment continue to climb.

Valerio-Romero was previously convicted of a crime but was never deported out of the U.S. The country has an illegal alien population of about 12 million illegal aliens, costing American taxpayers about $116 billion every year.

“The solution to this problem … was adding additional money,” Tracy said. “This guy pops up with a million-dollar [problem], which we don’t even have. That’s why there was the crisis. The solution has always been from Day One you’re going to have to transfer money” to cover medical costs.

Meanwhile plenty of Americans many of them war vets wait in line… It seems the best thing an illegal alien can do is break some vile law, then they have all of the rights in the world.

All illegal aliens need to be DEPORTED! Including the DACA, who incidentally the majority are grown adults, who had plenty of time to fix their problem and chose not to. Our laws are not confusing for anyone but a Communist Democrat and their supporters. ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS.

If illegal aliens are so great, let them go back to their own countries and make them great. Make it all they want to steal from Americans. I am so sick of these users and those anti-Americans who are fighting to abuse Americans. All bills down to the penny that these illegal aliens cost America should be put totally on the Communist Democrats who are fighting to keep them here. You would see how quickly they would back off.

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