Illegal Immigrant From Mexico Convicted of Raping Three Women After Failing to Be Deported in 2012

The Liberals say if we ban guns and only 1 child is saved it is worth it. If that is the case they should want to ban illegals and save a lot of children. Guess they are too busy funding abortion clinics instead.

The leaders who support sanctuary cities should be held accountable for these crimes like the bar owner is responsible for serving the intoxicated driver who later goes on to harm someone!

An illegal immigrant who failed to be deported in 2012 was convicted and sentenced this week for the rape of two women and a third, now deceased, whom he admitted to rape.

Via Breitbart:

A 37-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, Miguel Luna, was sentenced to 80 years in prison after he admitted to the physical and sexual assaults of two women in 2015 and 2016. A third woman whom the illegal alien raped has since died, though prosecutors revealed evidence showing Luna admitting to the rape.


Luna had an ICE final order for removal placed on him in 2012 before the rapes occurred, but the deportation order was never honored.

Judge David Carlson laid into the illegal alien as he passed down the 80-year prison sentence.

“You were free to do these acts…whether through misguided political correctness or people who do not believe in laws or borders,” Carlson said. “One thing I can do with the sentence shows that the laws we believe in here, maybe this won’t happen again, maybe that’s a little bit of closure.”

2012, I am not sure ICE was allowed to perform their jobs. This is the third world attitude Obama pushed for in this country. More proof that liberals care more about criminal illegal animals than US citizens!

The heinous crimes could have been prevented easily by enforcing the laws on the books, yet Democrats want illegal aliens to have full immunity from the law. Democrats falsely argue that banning guns would save lives, and if a ban would save even one life, then it should be imposed. Well, if the Wall would save one woman from being brutally attacked, then build the Wall already! Stop these illegals for hurting more of our people.

And, remember in NOVEMBER who lets these animals in our country!

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