Ivanka Trump Donated $50K to Texas Church That Is Helping Migrant Children At The Border

Pastor Jack Graham, a North Texas pastor revealed that president’s daughter Ivanka Trump donated $50,000 to Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano to help migrant children at the border.

Last Tuesday, Graham posted a tweet, talking about his efforts to care for children during the immigration crisis. X
“We @Prestonwood are currently working to provide solutions to care for children during this terrible immigration crisis. Our Espanol ministry led by Gilberto Corredera is stepping up to the challenge to express the love of Jesus. We are broken-hearted and determined to act,” Prestonwood pastor Jack Graham recently tweeted.

Graham said that the White House senior adviser reached out to the church after she saw one of Graham’s tweet.

“I put that [tweet] out there just for no other reason than to pray for our church, if you saw that. But someone in the White House saw that. Her name is Ivanka Trump,” Graham told the congregation.

Graham said the donation came Wednesday, before the President’s Executive Order to end family separation. A group from Prestonwood Baptist is planning to visit children at the border on Tuesday.


“And she saw that, and she was so moved that she contacted us. She wrote us, out of her personal account — days before the president’s executive order that stopped the [family] separations [at the border] — she wrote us a major check for immigration ministry so that we could use it to get it started here in our church.”

Graham told The Christian Post following the service that he has met Ivanka Trump on several occasions.

“I’ve found her to be generous, kind and compassionate, and a great leader,” he said. “We were shocked that a tweet raised this possibility, but not surprised. I’m personally not surprised at her generosity. And we’re hoping that her generosity would encourage others.”

Also, after President Trump sighnied the executive order to allow children to stay with parents caught crossing the border illegally, Ivanka wrote:

She added: “Now that an EO has been signed ending family separation at the border, it is time to focus on swiftly and safely reuniting the families that have been separated.”

Democrats criticised Ivanka Trump to not care about immigrant children until President Trump signed the EO!
But, Ivanka’s gestures shows how much she cares about the children at the border. Thank you, Ivanka for helping and truly loving our country.

All Americans are proud to have you represent us on any level.

Do you agree?

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