Joy Behar Says President Trump Acted Selfishly in Johnson Pardon – McCain Schools Entire panel (VIDEO)

The View is now only hateful show that is sinking without a trace! That show went in the toilet when Barbara Walters left! It is now a trashy show that needs to be canceled. Joy Behar is a loud mouth with no talent.

She has attacked Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign but this time host Joy Behar took things a step further!

Behar claimed that President Trump commuted the sentence of non-violent drug offender Alice Johnson at least in part because he saw something in it for himself. Watch the video below!

According to The Daily Caller:

She said on ABC’s “The View” that he likely made the move in order to gain popularity with the social media following of reality star Kim Kardashian West, who advocated for Johnson’s release.


Sara Haines said that Kardashian, who met with the president a week earlier to discuss prison reform and to plead Johnson’s case for clemency, deserved a lot of the credit for bringing it to fruition. She explained, “This is an instance where she used her platform and educated herself, and I say bravo.”

Bear took a much more cynical approach, saying that Trump’s interest in the matter was likely more political than personal.

“Kim also has 112 million followers on Instagram and 60 million on Twitter. So, you know, if he is thinking of running again, he’s got that nice little constituency over there, so that is not a coincidence. … He has motives.”

McCain applauded Kardashian for taking the meeting. Watch:

Another liberal super loser who pretends she can read peoples minds. By this comment she also shows what we already knew, that liberals think ordinary people can’t think for themselves and need so called celebrities to tell them how to vote.

Why is Joy Behar still on the air spewing lies & misinformation? Time to boycott the View’s sponsors.

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