DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Breaks Silence After Child Raped Because Sanctuary City Ignored ICE – She Is Furious (Video)

One thing I cannot understand is why Liberals seem to want sex offenders, criminal gangs, drug dealers, murderers, criminal illegal aliens, rapists and thieves and so on. Why do they want them around and even protect them if they can?

Luckily for us, we elected the right person considering the state of our country after eight years of Obama. Straight up, this man has the intelligence, the desire, and the commitment to maintain our Constitution and our rights in this country.

Kirstjen Nielsen and Sean Hannity discussed the story of a girl who was raped by an illegal immigrant who was released from prison instead of being held as ICE requested on the latter’s show Wednesday night. Watch the video below!

Via The Daily Caller:

“Let me tell the audience about a case that we just found out about and this is out of the city of brotherly love, this is out of Philadelphia. Previously deported immigrant from Honduras raped a child after Philadelphia authorities ignored ICE detainers and released him, pled guilty to illegal entry. Anyway, it goes back to this particular man, Juan Ramon Vasquez, 45,” Hannity explained.


“Then after local criminal charges against him were dropped, Philadelphia officials did not comply with a detainer by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He was released, after his release, he was rearrested and convicted for the rape of a child, and unlawful sexual contact with a minor,” he continued.

Vasquez was deported from the country back in 2009 and then was arrested five years later after he reentered the country illegally. He was in custody when ICE put a request in for him to be held but the city didn’t acknowledge it and released him. Vasquez was then arrested for rape.

Nielsen responded, “It could have been prevented and it should have been prevented. We owe the American people better. I mean this is a perfect example of when jurisdictions decide not to cooperate with federal law enforcement. We put our communities at risk.”

I’m saddened and ashamed by what the Democrats have been doing to the city I once loved.

This is the very reason that the Trump admin is being extra careful to make sure separated kids are actually returned to family. President Trump has the authority. As for DACA, either you become American by going through the process the right way, asap or leave.

Under Obama children became the golden ticket to illegal entry into the US, Trump starts enforcing the law, unlike Obama and his catch and release, and illegals now rush the border with any child they can beg, borrow, steal, or kidnap, in the hopes that they can make it in before we build a wall.

Build the WALL, send all illegal immigrants packing and completely shut down our borders.

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