Liberal Media Attacked Melania Trump Because She Got Paid Thousands Of Dollars For Use Of Photos But The Failed To Report The Amount Of Money Michelle Received For The Presidential Book

Liberals, especially young liberals are a ridiculous lot. Whiny, Full of complaints, arrogant but above all liberals are hypocrites. Taken as a whole not a pretty picture. Sadly, liberals are the last people on this planet who can laugh at themselves.

They now decided to attack Melania because she received a cut of at least $100,000 from photos of her, Donald Trump and their son, Barron, when used in news coverage, lifestyle publications, and merchandise, NBC News discovered.


The royalties came from a series of more than 180 posed photographs, which were shot by Belgian photographer Regine Mahaux between 2010 and 2016. The photographs are posed shots and portraits of Melania, often with her husband and their son Barron. They’ve also been featured on a few magazine covers. The photographer, Mahaux, also took Melania Trump’s official White House portrait.

Liberal media also claimed that agencies were only allowed to use the photos for positive coverage.

The obvious double standard is known to each and every one and we all know how much Obamas used their position to get even more wealth!


Our former First Lady has received more in gifts from foreign nations than any other government official in our history.

And let’s not forget their monumental deal for the Presidential book!

Barack and Michelle Obama each just sold a book in a joint deal that appears to be bigger than any previous presidential book deal in history. Reportedly, they are making $65 million, which is an unprecedented amount of money for a presidential memoir.

It’s a move that signals the publishing industry’s faith in the enduring value of a book from the Obamas — and the belief that if Barack Obama’s memoir is good enough, it might become a genuine American classic.

The Obamas are reportedly earning more than $65 million in this deal. That’s way more than the Clintons got.
Penguin Random House, which bought the two books, won’t discuss the numbers, but the Financial Times reports that the bidding for world rights surpassed $65 million. That number well exceeds the industry’s already-lofty expectations about the Obamas’ literary earning power: This January, literary agents and publishers predicted to Forbes that Barack Obama’s memoirs might go for as much as $20 million, and a combined Barack/Michelle book deal might net as much as $45 million.

If we consider all those years of riping the taxpayers, while Obama was president, he and his family have spent a staggering amount of vacations reaching higher than $85 million.

Even though millions of Americans were struggling just to put food on the table, the Obamas spent our money to enjoy their lavish vacations!

The Obama’s spend the last 8 years giving nothing to the American people and spend a lot in return.

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