Melania Makes First Public Appearance Since Sugery, Liberals Started With Disgusting Accusation About What Trump Did To Her (Video)

First Lady Melania Trump underwent a successful procedure for a benign kidney condition and remained in the hospital for the remainder of the week, per the White House. Since then we have heard little from Melania and because of this, the past several weeks, there were a lot of speculation and rumors over Melania’s lack of appearance in public.

The MSM didn’t waste time and decided to attack Melania for her lack of appearances in the public!

Luckily, Melania responded to the many lies flung about the fake news media. The First lady, responded to rampant speculation about her health Wednesday, saying she is actually at the White House.

Melania Trump made her first public appearance outside the White House since her emergency surgery last month.

Wednesday, the first lady stepped outside the White House with President Trump on her way to the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington.


According to the White House pool report:

“Pool glimpsed POTUS and FLOTUS walking out of the White House and stepping into their car at 1:52 p.m. FLOTUS was wearing a long, beige trenchcoat and POTUS a dark suit.”

A later pool report described her as “looking well, like her old self, perfectly healthy from at least her outward appearance.”

Video below:

But it seems that this didn’t stop the Internet from creating their own ideas about why she was missing for so long and why no one has seen her in public.

Some of the people making up stories went over the edge, saying horrible things that suggest Donald Trump was beating his wife.
This was probably the most disgusting accusations and another blog picked it up and tore it to shreds.

The blog called Chicks on the Right wrote this about the conspiracies floating around the web from the resisters and tin hats:

#Resisters have been touting wild conspiracy theories on Melania Trump. She underwent surgery for a “benign” kidney issue on May 14 and has been recovering ever since. Over the course of the last few weeks, liberals have developed some gross theories. Some suggested Trump murdered her. Others said she was on s*****e watch. (She made a public appearance yesterday, so I guess Trump didn’t m****r her after all.)

It is strange to see so many Bo brainwashed people. Well, their disrespect to our Elected President and to this whole country will not be forgotten or forgiven! It is a shame how some will literally sell their soul for a place in Satans court!

Alex Hall

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