Muhammad Ali’s Son Explains Why His Father Would Have Hated “Racist Black Lives Matter”

Muhammad Ali’s incredible fame and colossal net worth hasn’t helped his only biological son. The latter has claimed situation is so dire for him that he is surviving on less than $8 a day and is often being forced to do odd jobs to make ends meet. Called Muhammad Ali Junior, the late heavyweight champion’s son had expected to inherit $5million after the boxing legend passed away at the age of 74 in 2016.

Sadly, none of that panned out the way Junior had expected it too. As of now, all he receives is a small allowance from the estate, which has rendered him penniless. The “greatest” might not leave money for his son but he did leave a lot of memories and he knew his father’s feelings.

When it comes to his father’s opinions he shared some interesting thoughts.

He doesn’t like BLM, he thinks it’s a racist and hateful group, and he says his father would have felt the exact same way.

From the New York Post:
“Don’t bust up s–t, don’t trash the place,” he told The Post. “You can peacefully protest.

‘‘My father would have said, ‘They ain’t nothing but devils.’ My father said, ‘all lives matter.’ I don’t think he’d agree.

Of the BLM movement, Ali Jr., a Muslim like his father, said: “I think it’s racist.”

“It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone — he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is,” Ali said during an hour-long interview with The Post.

On police brutality, Ali defended law enforcement in general.

“Police don’t wake up and think, ‘I’m going to kill a n—-r today or kill a white man,’” he said. “They’re just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.

Speaking of Floyd’s killing at the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer, Ali said, “The officer was wrong with killing that person, but people don’t realize there was more footage than what they showed. The guy resisted arrest, the officer was doing his job, but he used the wrong tactic.”

He agrees with President Trump that Antifa fomented violence during the Floyd protests and should be labeled a terrorist organization.

“They’re no different from Muslim terrorists. They should all get what they deserve. They’re f–king up businesses, beating up innocent people in the neighborhood, smashing up police stations and shops. They’re terrorists – they’re terrorizing the community. I agree with the peaceful protests, but the Antifa, they need to kill everyone in that thing.

“Black Lives Matter is not a peaceful protest. Antifa never wanted it peaceful. I would take them all out.”
Ali said he supports President Trump and that his father — who went to jail for refusing to be drafted during the Vietnam War on the basis of his religious beliefs — would have too.

This news might surprise some liberals but Ali’s support is well known in the conservative world.

Ali, who startled Middle America with his conversion to the Muslim faith in 1964 and refusal to register for the draft during the Vietnam War, was an active supporter of conservative Republicans in his later years.

He startled many longtime fans in 1984 by endorsing President Ronald Reagan for re-election. Ali also backed friend and former New Mexico Gov. David Cargo in a losing race for Congress in 1986, proclaiming Republican Cargo was “the right white.” He also stumped for South Carolina’s conservative former State GOP Chairman Van Hipp for Congress in 1994 and helped Republican Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch win re-election in 1988.

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