New Survey Shows Democrats Are Losing Voters From Group They Never Expected

Some of the nation’s richest Democrats, have escalated their giving to boost Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes and to seize on the prospect of a Democratic takeover in the Senate, according to the review of contributions by the election’s most generous donors.

Wealthy Democrats and liberal organizations have plowed $134 million into super PACs since early April as Clinton pulled away from rival Bernie Sanders and Trump won a string of primaries on his way to effectively clinching the GOP nomination in early May. By comparison, the Republican Party’s biggest donors contributed $51 million to super PACs during the same period.

The Democrats seem to pretend they are the party that represents young voters!

Well, guess again because it seems that Millenials don’t trust the Democrats anymore!


The Guardian reports that a Reuters/Ipsos mega poll of 16,000 respondents found that in the last two years, support for Democrats among millenials plunged from 55% to 46% while their support for Republicans has only dropped from 28% to 27%.

Even worse for Democrats, in the last two years, support from white millennial men has gone from the Democrats leading Republicans by 12% to the Republicans leading by 11%, a shocking 23% shift.


As for the blue wave that’s supposed to be coming in November?

Doesn’t look good either.

From Breitbart:

The Democratic Party has lost ground with likely voters in battleground districts across the United States after weeks of party members and leaders pushing an agenda of ending all immigration and border enforcement.

In the latest CBS/YouGov poll, Democrats were down three percentage points on a general ballot with Republicans in the midterms when compared to the same poll conducted weeks before the party officially adopted open borders as their platform for the midterm elections.

When asked “Who would you like to see win control of Congress in 2018?” 40 percent of the voters in the battleground districts said Democrats, down from the 43 percent who said they would vote for a Democrat over a Republican weeks before.

It’s not a bipartisan world anymore. Fact is, many younger people are no-party and are voting how they please regardless of party lines. This doesn’t necessarily equate to leaning right or being pro-Trump … but it doesn’t necessarily preclude it, either.

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2 thoughts on “New Survey Shows Democrats Are Losing Voters From Group They Never Expected

  • July 2, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    demorats are the enemy of America, & it`s people, the demorats are self-destructing, god bless America, thank god for trump.

  • July 3, 2018 at 12:10 am

    Time will tell, and I predict as the dust settles on the Trump Election, people feel more secure in their earning capabilities, cities and towns become more affordable for the milleninals, and they begin to feel safe in America again, the picture of Make America Great Again will become clearer and the public’s satisfaction of the futures view will be more settled and comfortable.

    The people are getting tired of the rederick and excuses spewed by the liberals who are hateful. Not all liberals are hateful, but it appears the liberals who can’t stand to lose, and don’t want America to be a wonderful country again where the people have the power are too upset to run this country anyway.

    I say, THANK YOU TRUMP for giving of yourself and your life to Make America Great Again. There are millions of us that thank you for sacrificing your personal life for our country. Not being afraid to call evil doers out when they are acting inappropriately. Draining the swamp and kicking-ass when needed.



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