“No Place For Racists”: White Supremacists FORCED OUT Of A Rally by TRUMP SUPPORTERS and PROUD BOYS (Video)

Trump was asked by debate moderator Chris Wallace if he would condemn white supremacists and Trump said, “sure.” Wallace asked Trump if he would ask white supremacist groups to stand down, Trump asked which ones and Biden interjected naming the Proud Boys. Echoing Wallace’s language, Trump said the Proud Boys should, “stand back and stand by.”

This has been misreported by the media and the Biden campaign with both smearing the Proud Boys as a white supremacist group.

What’s more hilarious to me is that the media keep spreading the theme that the South is full of KKK white supremacists. I say that after talking to 55 years old born and raised in deep South Georgia, she said that she never witnessed a KKK march ever. Never knew of anyone in the KKK.

But too many people are brainwashed to the media theme that’s been going on for decades about the South being a KKK white supremacists stronghold. Just gives me a good laugh.

Today we have a video for you where Trump supporters and Proud Boys sent white supremacists packing at a rally in Louisville.


The videos are from before COVID-19 restrictions but still relevant today and a good example of who are the proud boys and Trump’s supporters.

Maybe Biden and Wallace should watch them.
Video below:

Here’s another video — AMAZING!

A proud moment for a free America

I would still want to know if they were paid shills of the Communist left

Never forget Charlottesville was staged by leftists!
The real KKK showed up there three weeks prior!
The police protected these KKK protesters because they were so old half of them were in wheelchairs or needed assistance walking!

This will NEVER make the liberal mainstream news!

So it’s up to us to share it everywhere!

This post is from an older date but we re-posted it just as a reminder who are the real white supremacists!
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