Sanctuary City Philadelphia Turns on ICE… Limits Cooperation And Refuses Access To Police Database

Reality is that illegal immigrants come to America for the entitlements only. Land of Opportunity… Yes, ripping off the American Taxpayer in supporting and their many American-born children. But sadly, they are still loyal to their native country…

Luckily, President Trump, knows we have had enough! President Trump and ICE are taking America back to its own people and it seems that Democrats wants to end this!

On Friday, the city of Philadelphia has announced that it will be limiting its cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This means that Philadelphia will stop giving ICE access to a real-time arrest database, saying the agency is misusing the information to conduct sweeps in which otherwise law-abiding immigrants are also being caught up.

Via Newsweek: “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said that he will not renew a contract that requires the city to allow ICE agents access to PARS, a law enforcement database that alerts the federal agency of real-time arrests and has often been used against people who are in the country illegally but have not been accused of any crimes.

Kenney told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he could not “in good conscience allow the agreement to continue.” The mayor also told the crowd at the press conference that “all of us have ancestors who were once immigrants.” The contract is set to expire at the end of the month.”

U.S. Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman called the decision irresponsible and said the city will end up “harboring criminal aliens.”

Waldman said: “Sanctuary-city policies make American communities like Philadelphia less safe by putting the rights of criminal aliens over the safety and security of American citizens. Despite the misguided action taken by Philadelphia today, DHS will continue to work to remove illegal aliens and uphold public safety.”

Poor Democrats all mouth and no brain. It is truly unbelievable they would not support ICE. But, they don’t really don’t get the big picture. Because of ICE, so many lives are saved and they are always on the shield of our country!

What do you think?

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