Sheriff’s Vehicle Strikes Down Activist During Stephon Clark Shooting Protest (VIDEO)

Most people learned by now that they need to stay out of the street or they will get hurt! But, not liberal protesters.

There were some intense moments during Saturday night’s protest against the police killing of Stephon Clark when a sheriff’s car struck and injured a 61-year-old protester in what was described by the victim and protesters as a hit and run. The injured pedestrian, identified by news outlets as a local activist, was hit in her right leg and taken to a hospital, where she was treated for injuries to her arm and back of the head and released.

Video of the incident shows protesters gathering around two Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department vehicles, and one of the officers calling on the loudspeaker for people to step away from his vehicle. As the vehicles begin to move, video obtained by ABC 10 shows the second car striking a person to the ground and continuing to drive without stopping.

The officer can be heard directing the pedestrians at least four times to “back away from my vehicle.”

“He never even stopped. It was a hit and run. If I did that I’d be charged,” Cleveland told reporters at the hospital. “It’s disregard for human life.”


Via The Daily Caller “The Sacramento sheriff’s department said in a statement that the incident started after protestors “approached both of the marked vehicles” and “began yelling while pounding and kicking the vehicles’ exterior.”

The department did not release any names of the officers involved but noted that the “collision occurred while the patrol vehicle was traveling at slow speeds” and that the pedestrian sustained minor injuries.

Sheriffs also say several vehicles “sustained scratches, dents, and a shattered rear window,” not from the collision with the pedestrian but from “vandals in the crowd.”

“I heard wheels spin. And then I saw her body flung to the curb,” Tifanei Ressl-Moyer, a legal observer attending the protest, told the Sacramento Bee. “The vehicle sped off and some protesters went after them.”

Another legal observer recorded the vehicles plate number and reported the incident as a hit and run but says the California State Highway Patrol declined to take the information.

After the collision, the protesters shouted “hit and run” until a helicopter hovering above ordered them to disperse or be arrested.”

This is the results of the left thinking they have the right to do whatever they want! They think they have right to disrupt traffic.

But no… You do not have a right to block traffic. You do not have a right to disobey licensed law enforcement personnel. It is stupid and foolish to risk your life for something like this.

As for the cop, he was doing his job… he’s told them to back away. She should have listened.

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Natalie D.

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