Tlaib: ‘I Work Really To Tear Down Not Only Walls in Palestine But Here Walls in Mexico’ (Video)

Obama wanted to systematically change America, well, keep electing people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and it will happen.

But this change won’t be good for the real Americans!
Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib in 2006 wrote an op-ed column for Final Call, a Nation of Islam publication founded by Louis Farrakhan.
This was huge news because at least she was quiet before Democrats gave her full power.

Now she is openly attacking everything that President Trump is trying to accomplish!

She visited the Mexican side of the border barrier between California and Tijuana, Mexico on Monday to participate in “an interfaith prayer hosted by CAIR” (the Council on American-Islamic Relations).

Tlaib joined in on a prayer by the wall, and was later seen wiping tears away.


“What I love is that I don’t see a concrete wall, I see the faces of people hurt by this wall. I see people that are directly impacted and the pain that they feel when I see this wall,” she said, addressing the crowd.

“Instead of focusing on the American dream, we created a nightmare for so many families,” added Tlaib.

“To see firsthand what the wall has done to border communities, families and to hear from U.S. veterans who were deported has reaffirmed my commitment to fighting against injustices that denies [sic] people their human dignity,” said Tlaib’s Tweet.

“From Palestine to Mexico, walls must go,” she tweeted.

“I’m proud to serve the United States Congress, not only as a woman that grew up in the most beautiful, Blackest city in the country, the city of Detroit, but also a proud Palistinian-American, the child of Palestinian immigrants,” Tlaib said.

“And I want you to know that I work really, really hard on your behalf to tear down not only walls in Palestine, but here walls in Mexico,” she said.

Video below:

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