Trump Gets Ready To Board Marine One. Then He Notices Police Who Want To Meet Him. What President Trump Did Next Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy! (Video)

Obama caused the murders of many of our police by his influence. He should be tried as a conspirator if you ask me!

From the very beginning, it was very clear that the man who was supposed to serve our country was the man who was going to destroy her. He definitely earned the distinction of being the first President that must be tried for treason, sedition, and providing direct support to terrorists including directly sending millions of dollars in cash!

He also is responsible or the violence against our boys in blue!

It’s good that we finally have a President that cares for our police, he showed that again yesterday as you can see in the footage below!

President Donald Trump detoured from his walk to Marine One in Bethpage on Long Island, New York, Wednesday afternoon when he spotted a group of police officers standing off to his right. Trump abruptly turned and broke ranks with his aides and Secret Service detail and ran, or as best a seventy-one-year-old man can run, a short jog and then swiftly walked the rest of the way over to the assembled police where he shook their hands and returned a salute from one of the officers. Just moments before, Trump had thanked a group of Bethpage firefighters on his way into the fenced off area where Marine One was waiting with rotors turning and the officers were gathered. In the video, the firefighters Trump greeted can be seen through the fence in the background.


Video was posted by Assistant to the President Dan Scavino, Jr., Wednesday evening. Scavino noted the officers were with Nassau County and New York State Police, “.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump loves our law enforcement officers all around the country – as seen here with @NYSPolice and @NassauCountyPD on his way to Marine One in Bethpage, New York. #LESM🚔🇺🇸”

Obama would have just walked past, thinking while he did those useless clowns represent and protect the colonialist, anti-Muslim US, and they must all be destroyed.

Well, Obama, you did your best.

And your legacy is almost completely erased already, thank the true patriots who elected Trump.

Alex Hall

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