Video: Antifa Has Taken Their Terror To The Residential Areas Of Portland Last Night And Attacked People At Their Homes – Receive Instant Justice

Rioters again gathered Wednesday night to protest police brutality and systemic racism. This is the 10th straight week protests have gone on in Portland following the killing of George Floyd.

Rioters were out in two groups Wednesday night. One gathered in downtown Portland outside the Justice Center and the other in Southeast Portland at Floyd Light City Park at Southeast 111th Avenue and Alder Street.

Confrontations between police and Antifa rioters have shifted from downtown — the historic heart of the demonstrations — to police buildings across the city, where a faction of protesters now gather every night.

One altercation occurred between a person who lived nearby and several protesters after the woman walked out of her apartment. Both sides shouted insults at each other.

At least two other bystanders got into shouting matches with protesters after screaming “all lives matter” at the crowd. One man who claimed to live in the neighborhood walked toward the police, held out his arms, and shouted, “I live here. You need to leave!”


Part of the incident below:

After the attack on the police precinct and the local residents, the police declared a riot and served instant justice to the Antifa rioters.

As Drew Hernandez stated from the scene:
“Antifa getting mopped up like rag dolls by Portland PD”

Video below:

Still, the main question remains will they actually face stiff penalties for the crimes they are committing? Or will they be patted on the head and told to pay a fine?

Alex Hall

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