Video: City Passes Law Punishing Anti-Abortion Christians Like Criminals For Praying, Singing Outside Planned Parenthood

God must surely be weeping for the children who have been destroyed in the most gruesome manner, with the full consent of their own mothers.

How such depravity is now rationalized I will never understand but I can’t understand even more are the celebrities that are trying their best to support the abortions!

Furthermore, the States that are led by the Dems push for horrifying pro-abortion bills!

God-loving American patriots push back on the idea of these abortion bills but are being silenced by the liberals.

The city council of Spokane, Washington, passed a noise ordinance that allows police officers to cite anti-abortion activists singing and praying outside a Planned Parenthood in the city for noise violations.


The measure, introduced by Councilwoman Lori Kinnear, passed in a 6-1 vote, but anti-abortion activists say it infringes upon their First Amendment rights.

“The city will now be empowered to use police officers to shut up the hundreds of pro-life Christians who regularly pray outside a local Planned Parenthood abortion facility,” the Students for Life of America said.

First violations of the ordinance will result in a civil penalty. Subsequent violations could result in jail time and fines.

“We know that this is about one thing: making it harder for people to hear the truth about abortion and what happens inside abortion facilities every day,” SFLA’s Washington regional coordinator Karlie Lodjic said. “This is a clear and direct assault on the First Amendment.”
Protest Planned Parenthood Spokane posted a video that gives you goosebumps.

They wrote the following:
This is how we fight our battles outside of Planned Parenthood and in Spokane City Council Chambers. The City Council has labeled us Christians as violent terrorists and our speech as violent hate speech. The City Council sides with Planned Parenthood as they murder 1,000,000 babies a year but those of us standing for the babies and the moms who are hurt are the terrorists.
Video below:

Americans have a right concerning their property. BUT zero right to tell you that protesting on the sidewalk of their property is illegal. They don’t own the sidewalks or where is available not causing problems with traffic.

Chuck Schumer can lead a Pro-Choice mob on the steps of the Supreme Court and bodily threaten Justices and this is illegal?

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