Video: Governor Gavin Newsom Asked If He’ll Be the Next Democratic Nominee – Here’s His Answer While He’s Glowing

The following excerpt is from left-leaning Axios:

Voters, Democrats very much included, have consistently worried that 81-year-old Joe Biden is too old for the job. Last night, Biden showed why.

Why it matters: Just minutes into Thursday night’s presidential debate, panic consumed the Democratic Party as it became clear that its presumptive nominee was off his game — by a lot.

With breathtaking speed, private discussions about Biden’s expected performance against Donald Trump went from optimism to shock and even questions about whether Biden could continue his campaign.

Democrats were aghast.

A “disaster,” one former Biden administration official called it.
“It’s sad but it also makes me so mad to think of all the smart people lying and trying to make this work,” a former Biden White House official said.
A “catastrophe,” an influential Democratic campaign veteran told Axios.
“DEFCON 1 moment” David Plouffe, former President Obama’s campaign manager, said on MSNBC. “The “concern level is quite high.”

Driving the news: From the start of the debate, Biden was slow, hoarse and seemingly unable to counter many of former President Trump’s falsehoods and misrepresentations.

Afterward, Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged to CNN, “Yes, there was a slow start,” but argued that Biden finished strong.
Democrats’ worst fears about Biden’s age — the subject of repeated attacks by Trump and other Republicans — appeared to be playing out on the biggest night of the campaign so far.

And here’s Newsom’s glowing answer when he was asked if he’ll be the next nominee:

Can’t even keep a straight face.

Has anyone seen what has happened to California? San Francisco? Los Angeles?

It used to be the home of palm trees, sun-kissed and happy people. Now you struggle not to stand on drug paraphernalia or turds.


Imagine that all over our country!!!

And judging by an opinion piece posted by the Sacramento Bee in the hour after the debate ended, at least some Democrats are not bothered by Newsom’s identity as a cisgender white man. In the column, headlined “It’s time: The Democrats must replace Joe Biden with California Gov. Gavin Newsom,” the author argues:


It could be a Hail Mary play for the ages, bringing Newsom in to save the day like a handsome Hollywood leading man in a Sorkinesque script. He could rally delegates and fill them with enthusiasm. It would harken to a sense of normalcy in our country — even if it’s a rich, white, cis sense of normalcy.

It’s clear the Republican Party is determined to ride its orange horse all the way to The White House, but he remains a threat to democracy today just the same as he was eight years ago. But for the Democrats, only a fresh injection of visible vitality and something more than a minimally-acceptable level of intelligence will save Americans from a second Trump administration, and prominent Democrats and donors must now loudly begin the calls.

In that vein, last week Daily Mail reported on a secret plot to replace Biden – with someone other than Kamala Harris – and how that would have to play out emotionally for Democrats and for Harris:

Strategists theorize that Democrats would have to hold a public event to symbolically transfer power to the new candidate. Biden, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, and Pelosi would publicly introduce and endorse the anointed nominee.

They would also have to convince Harris to throw her support behind the substitute, which would be a painful experience for someone so fiercely protective of their political future.

And the Biden Replacement would also be a risk for the replacement nominee. If he or she took up the party banner and then lost to Trump in November, their political careers may never recover.

All Democrats may have some painful decisions ahead.

Alex Hall

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