Video: Jim Jordan Tears Apart Democrats’ Entire Case Against Trump He Moves To Strike Article I From Impeachment Resolution

President Trump’s Republican allies in his battle against impeachment don’t seem too bothered about what the history books might say about them one day.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who has appeared on both the House Judiciary and House Intelligence Committee panels during the impeachment inquiry, frankly couldn’t seem to care less about his personal legacy. “I don’t care how I’m remembered,” Jordan told HuffPost, adding that he hasn’t given anything like that a “second’s thought.”

Instead Jordan said he’s more concerned about House Democrats trying to remove Trump with “zero facts on their side” because they can’t accept the 2016 election results, as well as what he apparently considers elitist attitudes of Democratic witnesses like Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, who testified before the House Judiciary Committee last week. “The arrogance that lady had for hillbillies like Jim Jordan from Ohio, or Mark Meadows from the mountains of North Carolina, or anyone across the heartland who voted for this president, the disdain that she had for us, you know, regular folk,” he said.
Today, almost singlehandedly won the entire case.

He proposed an amendment to strike the first article of impeachment against President Trump, asserting that evidence supporting the article does not prove the allegations of abuse of power.

“This amendment strikes article one because article one ignores the truth,” said the Ohio Republican.


Jordan, who’s been a star on the GOP side throughout the impeachment sham, cited a White House memorandum documenting Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, noting that contains no evidence whatsoever that Trump demanded a quid pro quo related by calling for Ukraine to investigate his political opponents before he would release hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid to the nation.

Four facts, five meetings. We’ve talked about it now for three months. We know that there have been four facts that have not changed, cannot change, will never change and we’ve known it since Sept. 25th, when the call transcript was released,” Jordan said.

“The transcript shows no quid pro quo. What’s interesting is the day the transcript came out, even Chairman [Jerrold] Nadler [D-NY] said there was no quid pro quo in the call transcript,” Jordan said. He also pointed out that both Trump and Zelensky have declared that there was no quid pro quo and that Ukraine never took any action or made any announcement regarding any investigation in a gas company connected to Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

“We know second that the two individuals on the call, President Zelensky, President Trump, have both said no pressure, no pushing, no linkage whatsoever between security assistance money and any type of announcement of an investigation.

“We know that the Ukrainians knew at the time of the call that — didn’t know at the time of the call — that the aid had been held up and most importantly, most importantly, we know that the Ukrainians took no action, no start of an investigation, no promise to start an investigation, no announcement on CNN, via tweet, no announcement whatsoever,” he said.

“Those four facts have never changed.

“Second, five key meetings that took place between July 18th, when the aid was paused, and Sept. 11th, when the aid was released. Five key meetings,” Jordan said before summarizing the meetings.

“In none of those meetings, none, did linking dollars — security assistance dollars — to an investigation come up. Never came up.”

Four facts, five meetings have never changed. Article one in this resolution ignores the truth, it ignores the facts, it ignores the what happened and what has been laid out the American people for the last three weeks. So I hope that this committee will come to its senses, that’ll adopt the amendment and strike article one from the resolution,” Jordan concluded.

Watch the exchange below:

I don’t think there are any Democrats who care about the rule of law. They are still in the throes of the temper tantrum they started in November 2016.

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