Video: Minneapolis Muslims – Sharia Law Is Better Than American Laws “I Rather Live In Somalia”

What Muslims do here what they would never dare to do in their own countries. Maybe there is something to that reprisal.

But what is more interesting is the fact that they would prefer the law that could end their life!
For example for some crimes in sharia law, you get the death penalty or huge punishment, while in our law they will get away with just a warning or don’t get punished at all.

But when asked which law they prefer Muslims in Minneapolis said that Sharia Law is way better and that they obey that law because they are Muslims.

Satirist Ami Horowitz asks Minneapolis Muslims if they prefer Sharia law over American laws, is it right to kill someone for depicting the prophet Muhammad

Video below:


Here we are not even 20 years after the largest Islamic terrorist attack in US history thanks to dangerous immigration policies by George W. Bush and Barack Obama we have a city that is full of Muslim immigrants that don’t obey our laws even if they live here.

Both Bush and Obama flooded the US with millions of Muslims under the guise they are poor ‘refugees’ looking for a better life.

While these Muslims admit to enjoying America for its freedoms, they still believe that Sharia is better than American law, even though Sharia does not afford them the very protections of law for which they rave about freedoms in America, which come from our Creator, the God of the Bible, not the Koran.

Additionally, these people, who claim they are all for “freedom of speech,” want to have laws in place that would make it a crime to speak out against Muhammad, the non-prophet. They would love for Sharia to be imposed upon the American people, in which case the penalty of death would be imposed upon anyone who called Muhammad what he was: a lying, deceiving, demonically controlled pedophile, false prophet.

Refugees cost an estimated amount of 107,000$ each to resettle from their war-torn country and they apparently wish they were not here. They claimed they would rather still live in Somalia than living in America.

They also admit to not assimilating to our culture and still follow sharia law. Barack Obama sent over 50,000 Somalian immigrants to Minnesota. The Federal Government has spent over 5 billion dollars resettling them.

When we were in Minneapolis we counted over 70 mosques in a 30-mile radius.

It’s pretty interesting that this video wasn’t published on Fox News and was avoided by almost every mainstream media for years.

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