Video: Woke Feminist Dates An Alpha Male And Instantly Gets Restored To Factory Settings

Feminism leaves a long trail of miserable women who realize the lies too late

These women can try to open themselves to the traditional courtship which apparently men also wish to engage in. Things could return to a more normal sane world.

One woke feminist tried to date alpha male and got a huge surprise.

Video below:

I feel sorry when I see women like her who are afraid of Alpha males. They fear because they associate a strong and direct man with violence, either based on their own experiences or someone close to them.


That’s why they seek effeminate men because they are easier to control and predict. The truth is that a real, confident man controls his reactions and, above all, protects.

I understand her, but I won’t defend her stereotypical thinking. No, I believe she should educate herself because there are many wonderful men who are true Alphas.

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Kathy Sullivan

Sullivan pens a regular column that focuses on corruption within government, cronyism, illegal immigration, and general left-wing malfeasance. Kathy also serves as a leading voice against the establishment within the Republican Party and enthusiastically promotes pro-Trump candidates to battle entrenched moderate incumbents.

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