Alan Dershowitz Says “Not Enough Evidence That Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offense” (VIDEO)

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is a person who you can listen to and even if you don’t agree with his politics, you can agree that he speaks his points which are backed by both careful thought and facts.

Alan Dershowitz said evidence wasn’t there showing that President Trump “committed crimes and impeachable offenses,” Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Watch the video below!

“I fully understand why so many people want, hope that President Trump has committed crimes and impeachable offenses, but the evidence isn’t there,” Dershowitz said. “The president or a candidate is entitled to contribute anything he wants to his own campaign. The only issue here is whether or not there was a failure to report the contribution. That was to the treasurer of the campaign and not to the president and conspiracy is a very big stretch.”

“It’s a stretch. It’s a stretch. Look the reporting — if it occurred, would have occurred after the election considering the chronology of everything, and so to stretch and make a reporting violation which so many campaigns have. President Obama’s campaign had to pay $300,000 for reporting violations. To make a conspiracy out of that when the law itself says the treasurer is responsible, not the candidate, is an example of precisely what we’re seeing, trying to stretch the law to fit somebody, who many Americans hope and want to see commit a crime or commit an impeachable offense,” He added.


You can watch the interview from 22 to 30 min. below.

Unfortunately, 8 years of complete lawlessness by 0bama taught them that the rules and laws simply don’t apply to them! So unless there is anyone with the power, authority, and desire to stop them, they’re free to do anything they damned well please… legal or not, constitutional or not, ethical or not!

Alan Dershowitz is the only Sane Liberal left. I respect his opinion on this matter. He is 100% correct, Trump has not committed any Impeachable Offenses at all. The Democrats are simply DAYDREAMING and a want for wish full thinking. Cry on Democrats. Sadly, it really won’t matter that the lunatic liberal Democrats don’t have legitimate grounds for the impeachment of President Trump – they’ll just do it anyway if they’re given the opportunity!

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