All 3 Moody Models Confirm Trump Will Have Landslide VICTORY In 2020 – Here Are The Numbers

The House Judiciary Committee voted 23 to 17 along party lines to approve two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.
1.) Abuse of power
2.) Obstructing Congress
The Dems thought they won a huge victory but instead they only bury themself even deeper!

They will lose big time and all three moody models confirm that President Trump will have a landslide victory in 2020.

BizPac Review reports Trump’s forecasted dominance in the 2020 election is based on the economic health of the country: “Despite the impeachment and the nonstop negative media coverage of his presidency, Trump is galvanizing support in his base and is winning over Independent voters on the strength of his sizzling economy.”

And, from the report:

Mark Zandi is the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, a global financial-research group. He says President Trump will easily win reelection, according to three different economic models that Moody’s used to gauge the 2020 race.


The Moody’s prediction model has been accurate since 1980 — missing only once in its four-decade history. That was in 2016 when it wrongly predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the electoral college.

While the 2016 election was dominantly won, the three different Moody’s Analytics prediction models including the Pocketbook Model, the Stock Market Model, and the Unemployment Model mostly point to an even bigger victory margin.

Trump wins the Pocketbook Model 351 electoral votes to 187.

He wins the Stock Market Model 289 votes to 249.

And, he wins the Unemployment Model 332 votes to 206.

“The Moody’s projections were based on how consumers feel about their own financial situation (the Pocketbook Model), their assessment of the stock-market gains under Trump (Stock Market Model), and unemployment data (Unemployment Model),” BizPac Review adds.

The political greed, corruption, and hubris of the Democrat Party have “Awakened the American sleeping giant and they have filled us with a terrible resolve” (Yamamoto) They cannot be allowed to have political power and must be voted out.

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Natalie D.

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