Liberals Storm Church on Christmas Eve and Disrupts Service Over Pastor’s Harsh Comments On Islam

Christianity: The two greatest commandments are these, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul, and Love your neighbor as yourself.
Islam: Kill, rape, deceive, destroy by any means and any weapon possible those who are not Islamists.
Any religion that espouses or commands doing harm to others should not fall under the freedom of religion act.

It seems that defending Christianity is not in the plans for the future in liberal minds.

And one case in Switzerland in Kleinhüningen precisely made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Liberals entered the village church in Kleinhüningen, Switzerland and disrupted the service on Christmas Eve.

Pi-News reported:


It was just after 10 p.m. The celebration had only just begun, the organist was playing the introductory piece when several masked people rose. “I hadn’t noticed these people before,” says Pastor Christine Dietrich, who led the service. Apparently, the young people only sat in the church like normal churchgoers and disguised themselves shortly afterwards.

“They got up, spread out their sheets and announced that they would now do a Christmas campaign,” Dietrich says. Some worshipers initially thought that the performance was part of the program. He did not, as it quickly became clear: “Our message is: peace instead of agitation,” called an activist. Dietrich would preach about the light of peace. “But this peace is hypocritical!” The pastor had run an extreme right-wing website for years and never distanced herself from it. “We urge them to take a stand against Islamophobia and racism today.”

In concrete terms, the pastor is accused of having worked as an author on the “Politically Incorrect” website until 2011. It was less about her posts than the fact that she wrote for this platform at all.

Time to put a stop to this madness. I am sick of our opinions and our tradition getting trashed, destroyed while we allow them to run wild in our streets and history. Time to fire the professors, politicians and lock up anyone who doesn’t allow FREE SPEECH for everyone. This is our right in this country. DEPORT the heathens.

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