Republican Lawmakers Introduce A Bill That Will Put An End To Transgender Athletes Competing Against Women

Society has decided to allow gender-confused men to dictate new rules in competitive sports. All this was done in the name of political correctness. Isn’t biology the reason we have separate sports competitions?

It seems that biology isn’t a leftist favorite subject!

A top-ranked runner in NCAA women’s track is dominating the competition and setting records one year after competing as a man at the same level.

But that wasn’t an isolated incident and similar cases are reported every day.

Transgender weightlifters, wrestlers, boxers, softball players, track athletes and others have a tremendous advantage against biological females.


To that end, transgender athletes taking testosterone also have an advantage and should not be allowed to compete while on the hormones.

And lawmakers in Tennessee have finally decided to address the issue and introduce legislation to ensure biological girls have a fair chance.

“We are seeing more and more transgender athletes competing and posting victories in traditionally gendered sports competitions, and doing so to the detriment of girls and women biologically born female.

“Boys and men, due to testosterone levels, bigger bone structure, greater lung capacity, and larger heart size, have physical advantages in sports relative to girls and women,” State Rep. Bruce Griffey, who introduced the bill, said to The Tennessee Star,

The bill states that any school who does not have students compete against those who are the same biological sex would “immediately ineligible to continue to receive public funds of any type from this state or a local government.”

He said it is it is “fundamentally unfair” who biological females to compete against biological males when they are working towards college scholarships in their sport.

“With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushing through passage in the U.S. House of Representative HR 5 – the Equality Act – that, among other things, creates a civil right for male athletes to self-identify as females in sports competitions, I believe it is important for states to take a stand. This is what I seek to do through the filing of House Bill 1572,” he said.

“If this act becomes law, it would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to add gender identity and sexual orientation as protected statuses,” The Star said.

The Equality Act was passed by House Democrats, but has not shot of being passed by the Republican Senate or being signed by President Donald Trump.

Fight on ladies; you have a lot of support! It is so totally unfair! It’s time to come back to reality—males were created with more strength and stamina!

Eventually, one of these dudes will be playing field hockey or wrestling or something and end up crushing some poor girl and causing serious injuries. Then the parents will sue the pants off the NCAA. That’s what it will take before people realize this is absurd and unfair to female athletes. Maybe they should start letting dudes play in and dominate the WNBA or pro women’s tennis and watch how fast people change their tune.

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Alex Hall

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