Two Punks Disrespect The Flag, Watch How US Marines Teach Them A Lesson (Video)

I don’t understand what would drive an American-born person to disrespect the flag in public. I guess that’s the only way this guy/girl can get attention.

Anyone brazen enough to disrespect the American flag in the company of Marines is just begging for an ass-whooping. When a couple of American heroes saw a protester carrying an upside-down flag, they acted fast.

My personal opinion is that men and women have served and died for that flag. Please pay the respect necessary.
Could not agree more with the Marines actions. We serve under the flag of our country.

People who desecrate the flag should be jailed. We allow too many things to go without taking any action this is why we are in the situation we are today. Love your country and your flag!

The video begins with a protester on a Vespa (note to future liberal protesters: when trying to convey an image of strength and the all-American tradition of free speech, please consider a vehicle other than a Vespa) riding in circles in traffic with an upside-down American flag hanging off of the back of his scooter.


Off camera, two men who are apparently veterans of the Marines notice the man circling and start running after the scooter.

After retrieving the flag from the protesters, you can hear one of the Marines. He says, “We served our country and that’s f***ing bullsh*t.”

The man on the scooter drops the flag (increasing the getaway speed by at least two miles per hour), after which it’s picked up by one of the veterans and turned the right way around.

The second veteran is seen running after the Vespa, moving at what I can only assume is full throttle. The Vespa won, but barely.

Warning: Video contains language not suitable for work or children.

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Alex Hall

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