CNN network has lost all touch with reality. They are a joke and it is a shame they used to have some credibility as a news org, years ago.

We found a video of their pathetic attempt to mislead the public… once again. Although the video is nearly one year old, it still lets you know all you need to know about CNN.

The funny thing is that during a news cover the trial of Jodi Arias, Nancy Grace, CNN and Ashleigh Banfield attempted to mislead the public that they were miles away when in reality they were both in Phoenix. What’s even funnier, is that they staged a dramatized satellite interview while they were sitting in the same parking lot!

The Atlantic Wire’s Dashiell Bennett and Philip Bump wrote: “It seems that Grace and Banfield are sitting in the same parking lot, facing in the same direction, and judging by the speed of the vehicles in their shots, they cannot be sitting more than 30 feet away from each other.”

Watch the video:


OMG, You can’t make this stuff up….No wonder why 50% have lost their trust in the MSM. However, after losing so many viewers, CNN needs to improvise to save money.

It’s obvious that CNN manipulates everything. Everybody knows CNN is not a truthful and reliable news source. No integrity or credibility. But this is just plain pathetic.

CNN has lost its credibility completely and no longer has a shred of objectivity in its news reporting!

I hope they are laughing at themselves because millions of people are laughing at them!!!

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Alex Hall

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He writes for Conservative US, Red State Nation, Defiant America, and Supreme Insider. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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