Democrat Accused of Masturbating in Front of A Female Lobbyist Resigns… Continues to Deny the Allegations

It looks like the whole Democratic Party is riddled with sexual perversion and corruption. And now, another Democrat is gone. Soon there will be no one left!! Drain the swamp? Trump doesn’t have to, they are dropping like flies due to their immoral lewd behaviors.

36-year-old Democrat Matt Dababneh announced his resignation after he was accused of masturbating in front of a female lobbyist during a Las Vegas party. This incident took place in January 2016 at a wedding celebration at a Las Vegas hotel.

The lobbyist said: “I felt a large body rush up behind me, use the weight of their body to push me into the restroom and I heard the door slam behind us. I spun around and realized I was face to face with Matt and that he had very quickly exposed himself and begun masturbating.”

Dababneh continues to deny the allegations against him, and his decision to resign “isn’t out of guilt or out of fear.”

“To be absolutely clear, the allegations against me are not true,” Dababneh reportedly wrote in a letter to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. “However, due to the current environment, I, unfortunately, do not believe I can serve my district effectively.”


Pamela Lopez, the lobbyist who accused Assemblyman Matt Dababneh of sexual assault says his resignation means little because he continues to deny the allegation. She also said that Dababneh’s refusal to apologize makes her worry he will victimize other women. She says “he will abuse his power again.”

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, called Dababneh’s decision to resign “yet another sign that the culture is changing.”

Rendon said: “The Assembly will continue to work to hasten that change, to make the Legislature an institution where people are safe, survivors are helped and perpetrators are held accountable.”

Dababneh resignation is effective Jan. 1. He is the second lawmaker to step down following allegations of sexual misconduct. Fellow Democrat Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra who is also from the San Fernando Valley, announced his resignation last week after seven women accused him of unwanted sexual advances.

He can deny all he wants… Nobody gives up the fight when they are innocent, they only give up when they’re guilty as Sin. If I were accused of an impropriety and it was false, I’d fight tooth and nail to clear my name. I wouldn’t roll over and allow it to ruin my life.

I guess “innocent” Democrats don’t care.

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Alex Hall

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