Army Veteran Fired After He Cut A Torn American Flag Down (VIDEO)

It’s a shame that some people have no respect for the country they live in.

Army Veteran Nicholas Odparlik who served in the Army for eight years was fired from his job at Loomis office in Oklahoma City after he cut a torn American flag down.

Even thought Odparlik mentioned to his supervisors countless times about the tattered flag flying outside of the office building, still, nothing was ever done. At one point, he got fed up and decided to cut the flag down himself.

Before heading to Valrico with his dad for his grandmother’s surprise party, he took the flag down and cut it from the rope, with the intention of disposing of it properly.

“It was kind of heart-wrenching to see it like that. One day, I just had enough, and I went up and cut it down. I just couldn’t take it anymore,” Odparlik told WFLA.


However, after a couple of days, he reportedly received a phone call from his boss, who told him to bring his uniform in when he returns because he was fired.

Odparlik admitted to WFLA that in hindsight, he should have replaced the flag with a new one and that what he did wasn’t right.

“But at the end of the day, this is my country, this is my home, and I was offended,” he added.

He also added that sometimes: “you just gotta stand up for what’s right.”

“I guess that’s the hardest thing about being an American soldier, […] and sometimes, you have to take that fall,” he added. “And I knew nobody else would.”

Maybe the veteran could have handled it better but he’s not wrong. The American flag is not to be flown if tattered or torn. It’s a disgrace what businesses and private residences do to the flag. The lack of respect for those that died carrying it and making sure its message stood to deserve better.

But, I’m sure there are a number of patriot business owners who would gladly give him a job. Thanks for your service soldier!

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Natalie D.

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