Alyssa Milano Tries To Fight Dana Loesch Over the NRA… This Did Not End Well For Her

NRA cares about children’s safety. On Monday, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch posted a tweet in which she announced that the NRA partnered with Project ChildSafe:

Loesch wrote: “We’ve partnered with @ProjChildSafe (this is literally what they do) and I’ve fundraised for them. When I invited Everytown & co to support them they declined. Your turn. Put your money where your mouth is and donate to @ProjChildSafe instead of pushing lies on Twitter.”

Unfortunately, actress Alyssa Milano does not feel the same. She replied to Loesch tweet saying: “To be clear, @dloesch, is it now @NRA policy to support laws which mandate safe storage and trigger locks?”

But, we already know that Milano is a FRAUD!!! She has armed protection everywhere she goes! She’s just looking for attention because Hollywood won’t hire her anymore.

And, unfortunately for Milano, Loesch didn’t ignore her provocation. She wrote back: “Are you going to match my fundraising for @ProjChildSafe or send your armed guards out again? (The NRA member was more responsible that your armed guard.) A gov’t that fails to prosecute violations of federal gun law has no biz mandating storage.”


sure… and trigger locks and such are a way to make it almost impossible to use your guns for self-defense in your own home. It is death by a thousand regulations.

These Hollywood liberals never do their homework – just keep babbling around. Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano is another delusional liberal. She also received brutal critics from the Twitter community!





Liberals like Alyssa Milano are exempt from Common sense. They rant against guns while simultaneously benefiting from armed guards. Al Gore fights global warming while simultaneously having a carbon footprint the size of a small city. Hypocrisy is too weak a word to describe Liberals.

It has never been about “the children”. It has always been about eventually eliminating gun rights in America so that our liberal betters can turn this country into the UK or Venezuela. If it was about “the children” then the left would be willing to have a discussion about child safety and planned parenthood. Instead, they run while hurling insults and lies. A brave group they are.

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Natalie D.

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