Video: The Identity Of The Masked Protesters Who Were Arrested Outside Trump Rally Is Revealed – They Were Carrying The Red Flag Of Communism

Colorado Springs police arrested eight people Thursday afternoon for “failure to desist and disperse” outside the Broadmoor World Arena where President Donald Trump was holding a campaign rally.

After a certain amount of time, Colorado Springs police started to warn the protestors they needed to get back on the sidewalk.

Colorado Springs Police Community Relations Sergeant Jason Newton said, “We made the decision. We had to act quickly to get the situation under control and made the arrests quickly and the event going back and people continuing to protest.”

Over a megaphone, an officer can be heard saying, “if you do not move immediately, you will be arrested for obstructing an intersection.”

Dozens of officers from several law enforcement agencies dispersed into the intersection, with riot gear, including shield, masks, and helmets.


“An intersection blocking traffic, putting yourself in danger, putting others in danger that is not a place to exercise your first amendment rights,” explained Newton.

They used their gear to try and move the crowds back onto the sidewalk.

When some resisted, they were arrested.

Newton said, “several people chose instead to take over the roadway and obstruct traffic at the entrance and exit to the area.”

Those arrested will be charged with a violation of Colorado Springs municipal code 9.2.103, failure to desist and disperse, a citation that will require those arrested to appear in court.

Video below:

Colorado Springs PD released the names of the 8 arrested today. They were charged w/failing to desist or disperse.

Edward Billings, 49
Patrick Carroll, 29
Douglas Wilson, 50
Shepard Emry, 27
Jonathan Christiansen, 42
Charles Johnson, 20
Lawrence Stoker, 19
Chauncy Johnson, 20

Patrick Carroll, 29, was one of the masked people arrested at the anti-Trump protest. He was carrying the red flag of communism. His social media posts rail against fascists and capitalists. In one post, he talks about “shattering” the kneecap of a banker with a tire iron.

If these were the good old days we would have to treat communists as they deserve, but not today, we become weak nations that tolerates too much and these political doctrines that we tolerate could overtake us.
People seem to forget the history of communism!

Don’t most of these people realize that once the commies take power….it will be their job to sort corn or some other menial task? One the revolution is over… agitators types will be forced to do menial tasks, or be killed.

Yesterday we found out that US officials have told Bernie Sanders that Russia is trying to help his campaign 30 days ago, prompting the frontrunner in the Democratic race to strongly condemn any interference.
He didn’t reveal anything until WaPo realized this information.

These things with communism are going too far.

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Natalie D.

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