Sheriff Joe Arpaio Was Asked About John McCain’s Death His Answer Will Have Every Trump Fan Cheering

John McCain was a fraud and he is NOT an American hero, quite the reverse. As a POW, McCain sang like a canary. That is why he’s loved by the left – THEY hate America as well.

Mr. McCain quietly declared before his death that he did not want Mr. Trump to take part in his funeral.

The reality is McCain was never loved by the real Americans including Trump or people that are similar to him!

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave what some may call the perfect answer when asked about the late Sen. John McCain.

He was interviewed by MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt.

Kasie: Do you think John McCain is a patriot?”
Arpaio: “Yes.”
Kasie: “A hero?”
Arpaio: “That’s hard for me to answer. Because I never had a hero in my life until several months ago when I woke up after 75 years and I found my hero. You know who that person is? Donald Trump.”

Trump supporters have no problem understanding Arpaio’s feelings. And they know why his answer left them cheering.

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Alex Hall

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