‘BRING IT FORTH’ – Trump’s New Plan For Dealing With Cop Killers Is Extreme (Video)

There is no doubt that Former President Barack Obama hates law enforcement. His anti-police ideology has been apparent for eight years now as he has built a long career of siding with criminals and thugs instead of law enforcement.

Thanks to Obama’s divisive rhetoric and years of siding with the Black Lives Matter group over police officers, he has created a culture that makes people view all officers are bad and dangerous.

Donald Trump announced that if elected president, he would sign an executive order to mandate the death penalty for convicted cop killers.

And we all know that President Trump is a man of his word!

President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday a mandatory death penalty for criminals who kill police officers.


Trump, speaking at the 37th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, called for an immediate end to “the attacks on our police, and we must end them right now.”

“We believe criminals who kill our police should get the death penalty,” POTUS stated. “Bring it forth.”

Video below:

Trump depicted a nation besieged by violence, using dark rhetoric that was a stark departure from the language of his predecessors. He evoked this week’s attempted terror attack in New York when he called for stricter immigration policies. He also delivered a stern warning to members of the international gang MS-13 that his administration will root them out and arrest them.

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