GOP Gov. Candidate Wants To Round Up Illegal Immigrants In ‘Deportation Bus’ (Video)

Sanctuary Cities needs to be put out of commission. They are outside the rule of Law and those officials making them possible should be rounded up and arrested. Shut down sanctuary cities and charge government, state and local officials who harbor illegals and turn a blind eye to the laws on illegal immigrants.

When a State or City compiles a law that supersedes the law of the land how is it constitutional? And why shouldn’t the offenders be jailed if they change the laws, and oppose federal law? Why should they receive FEDERAL funding for anything?

Also, it seems that liberals forget that President Trump has nothing against legal immigrants because his wife is a legal immigrant!

He tries to protect us from illegals that are using our tax money and give us nothing in return!

A Republican Georgia state senator running for governor announced the start of his “Deportation Bus Tour” on Tuesday, which he said will consist of rounding up illegal immigrants in a school bus labeled “Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters, and other criminals on board.”


Michael Williams, who was his state’s co-chair for President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, said the tour aims to “shine a light on the dangers of sanctuary cities and the overwhelming problem of illegal immigration.” The bus will make stops in Clarkston, Decatur and Athens, the state’s three sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities generally limit police cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

“We’re not just going to track them and watch them roam around our state, we’re going to put them on this bus and send them home,” Williams said in a video promoting the bus trip.

Williams’ attack on sanctuary cities echoes the Trump administration’s shots at them as part of its immigration crackdown. The Department of Justice sued the state of California in March for policies meant to help local law enforcement work with immigrant communities.

Illegal immigrants takes the tax dollars from the American people and literally feeds another nation who are here illegally. Illegals working in America, cannot pay their share of taxes for earning American dollars, take jobs from Americans, and we medically support their families, housing and provide food. Therefore, we gain more “dreamers” who we are obligated to care for. Where does it start? Mexico and South American countries would not allow us to cross their border without permission and an exiting date. Would they?

Do you agree with Michael Williams?

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