Outrageous: Watch What Happens When Livestreamers Dare Homeless Woman to Jump into Lake and Run Away

Livestreamers dare a homeless woman to jump into a lake and then run away when she starts yelling for help. There is a special place in hell for these people.

Watch the video below:

So this is felony reckless endangerment, especially if what they’re saying is true.

Surprisingly, this incident is not being reported on widely by MSM but this one article from SportsSkeeda indicates that the homeless woman drowned?

So then it gets worse for Natalie!

If the woman died as a result of jumping into the lake, she could potentially face manslaughter or even murder charges, depending on their intent and the foreseeability of the harm.


Gen Z — this is a video teaching you how to go to prison!

The location of this incident could have significant implications. A crucial point is that she was paid for her actions. Although she participated voluntarily, it could be argued that she was hired, which might create liability for the live streamer. Additionally, she could be found grossly negligent. If it is revealed that the woman had a mental condition, it might be shown that she was induced to act in a dangerous environment, disregarding potential hazards.

Natalie D.

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