Pro-Trump Women’s Organization Formally Requests Its Own Street Mural – Threaten Legal Action If Denied

Mayor Bill de Blasio is permitting Black Lives Matter protesters to continue marching through city streets while the city is canceling all large events through September.

Speaking on CNN Thursday night, de Blasio said the demonstrators’ calls for social justice were too important to stop after more than a month of demonstrations have not led to an outbreak of coronavirus cases.

“This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we’re used to, the parades, the fairs — we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now,” de Blasio told host Wolf Blitzer.

The exception came as New York’s rate of infections has remained consistent through the civil unrest over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

De Blasio also helped in painting the BLM mural.


Video below:

In a letter submitted Thursday to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, the women of Women for America First requested that, in light of the mayor allowing Black Lives Matter activists to paint a taxpayer-funded BLM mural in front of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue, the mayor allow them to paint their own mural.

“[O]ur organization, too, would like to paint a mural of our motto — ‘Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering Women to Make a Difference!’ — on Fifth Avenue, or another similar street within the city’s jurisdiction,” the ladies wrote.

“In the event your Honor does not allow our organization to use Fifth Avenue, we propose painting our mural on FDR Drive outside Gracie’s Mansion. Alternatively, we are amenable to painting our mural on 42nd Street near Times Square, or even City Hall Park should you prefer.”

You can view the letter below:

When the going gets tough, send in the women to do the job! God bless them!!

The Republicans in the office that are sitting on their hands will go down in history as cowards! Their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as they are standing in the breadlines, will never speak your name.

Alex Hall

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