Video: Antifa Member Is Trying To Turn A Peaceful Protest Into A Violent Riot Using Bombs – Gets Instant Justice

Violent anarchists and America haters have upended the peaceful protests to wreak havoc on our cities from coast to coast and desecrate the memory of George Floyd. They call themselves Antifa, short for “anti-fascists,” but nothing could be further from the truth. They are misusing Floyd’s tragic death to further their goals of destruction and division in America.

If you don’t comply with the demands of these anarchists, they’ll beat you up and burn your neighborhood to the ground. Antifa doesn’t care about Floyd; they only care about chaos, destruction and overthrowing our constitutional republic in favor of a system that only allows for the deranged freedom of expression that Antifa agrees with.

In short, Antifa extremists come out of the shadows to turn peaceful protests into riots. This week President Trump showed true leadership by announcing that he was designating Antifa a terror organization. 

The vast majority of Americans want this violence to stop and believe we are a compassionate nation that believes deeply in treating others how we wish to be treated, regardless of the color of our skin.  

One video shows who are the real protesters and who is Antifa.


The video has NY protests hashtag but twitter community suggests that it’s taken in California and it shows alleged Antifa member who is trying to turn peaceful protests unto riots using bomb but one of the protesters throws the bomb back in his car!
Video below:

What’s wrong with these guys? I’m missing the good old hard-working nation that we used to be!

While the strategy of getting tough on violent protesters has been met with some criticism, chiefly from Trump’s political opponents, the new Morning Consult poll suggests most everyday Americans look favorably on more forceful methods to deal with protests that get out of hand.

The poll also shows that support for a tougher response is bipartisan. While 86 percent of respondents who said they voted Republican in the 2018 House vote said they either “strongly support” or “somewhat support” calling the National Guard to supplement city police forces, 65 percent of those who voted Democrat two years ago also expressed their support for such reinforcements.

Natalie D.

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