Chase Bank Abruptly Closed The Personal Account Of Vocal Trump-Supporting US Army Combat Veteran!

Chase Bank abruptly closed the personal account of US Army combat veteran Joe “Rambo” Biggs.
Mr. Biggs is a very vocal Trump supporter with a blue-check verified Twitter account and has over 200,000 followers.

“Chase bank just closed out my account!” Biggs said on Twitter Saturday.

“I’ve had my account with Chase since around the year 2000,” Biggs said.

Chase Bank sent Mr. Biggs an email letting him know his account had been permanently closed.

Joe Biggs said that he walked into a local Chase Bank branch to speak to a bank teller about the email he received.


The person at Chase Bank told Joe Biggs that she couldn’t see why his account was closed but that he would be receiving an explanation in a letter sent by mail.
This is a tyranny because real American patriots are put on the brink and are replaced with illegals who are the voting machine for the Dems!
Political activist and reporter Laura Loomer was recently banned from Twitter, PayPal, Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft because she tells the truth about Sharia law and Islam.

The American people need to step up to the plate. The people calling themselves “American” today are a far cry from the MEN who founded this nation and the MEN who fought many subsequent battles to be free persons and free of tyranny.

Most don’t even know the meaning of the word “Liberty.” Liberty and Freedom are NOT the same things. Liberty is Freedom + Morality – something that the “American” people are seriously lacking in. That and courage and conviction. A people who are not willing to fight for their own freedom, nor stand up against the immoral evil ( not to mention illegal) behavior of their so-called government officials don’t deserve to have said freedom or a nation. No one is going to hand you the power that’s been stolen from you (the people) that’s what the #2A was MEANT for. If you’re not willing to use it, then you can expect to be a “subject” for the rest of your life.

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Alex Hall

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