NAACP Director Encourages People to Make Republican Senators’ Lives ‘Uncomfortable’ (VIDEO)

So much for peaceful dialogue between all the opposing views in this country.

During a Netroots Nation panel in New Orleans, Hilary Shelton, director of the D.C. bureau of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), urges activists to make the lives of senators who support the president “as uncomfortable as you can possibly make it.”

Shelton told the audience to goes after Democratic senators who aren’t standing up to President Donald Trump and “jack ’em up.” He then called for making the lives of Republican senators “uncomfortable.”

He compared his statement to Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-Calif.) call to harass Trump administration officials in public, adding that they should make Republicans uncomfortable in a “nonviolent kind of way.”

“I had to put that out for my friend Maxine Waters because she’s getting dogged right now.”


Shelton said: “Everybody should claim their two senators whether you voted for them or not. They’re making a ton of cash being where they are, and they’ll make a whole lot more money when they leave. Sometimes we may need to expedite them leaving so they can make that big money. But keep in mind that it is only the Senate that is making decisions on these judicial [nominations]. We have some [Democrats] that are quite frankly very nervous going at their reelection. We also know that the states they’re going to reelection statewide are states that delivered things for Trump. And the fear is that Trump will be able to gin them up. But let them know that Trump may be able to gin them up, but you can jack ’em up if they don’t do the right thing on these issues.

Even if it is someone that you don’t believe that will — for instance, sometimes our people walk away from Republicans because their thought is that Republicans are not going to support us anyway. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to make their life just as uncomfortable as you can possibly make it.”

According to CNN political analyst April Ryan, Jim Acosta’s life was in danger at President Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Tampa, Florida. But, I guess this okay! This is acceptable. And don’t dare say the left or Democrats are divisive, hateful, judgmental and unfair!

That’s why there will be no Blue Wave this fall! The Dems need to be voted out for a while to calm down. They have so much hatred that all want is to destroy our Republic.

The NAACP should have been shut down decades ago. All they do is promote violence and racial division. The Democrats have them in their pockets and could care less about the black people except for their votes. After that, they have no use for the blacks!!

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Natalie D.

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