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Video: Are The “Healthcare Workers” In Colorado Who Block The Lockdown Protesters Part Of Another Fake Dem Media PR Photo Op?


Photos taken Sunday in Denver showed two people dressed in N95 masks and scrubs standing defiant against those protesting Colorado’s stay-at-home orders.
The Denver protesters were calling for state lockdown orders to be lifted while the apparent healthcare workers were counter-protesting in the street.
There is a video of the standoff shows a protester in her car yelling at one healthcare worker to “go to China if you want communism.”

“You can go to work why can’t I go to work?” the woman asks, referring to the closure of non-essential businesses in the state.

The workers didn’t appear to respond.

Video below:


By Monday morning local time, ‘Go to China’ was trending on Twitter in the United States as many took to the platform to share and discuss the protester’s controversial remarks. Few American patriots did asked the question:

Are The Healthcare Workers In Colorado Who Block The Lockdown Protesters Another Fake Dem Media PR Photo Op?

Every liberal media outlet reported that these people are medical workers!
But no one identified them!

Why is that person in scrubs blocking vehicles from passing when being in a vehicle is more social distancing than standing in the road while lots of people pass ya on foot/bicycles? NOTE: Scrubs can be purchased by anyone NOT just those in the medical field…..just saying.
But also there are few other things that seem strange.

Denver General Hospital is now called Denver Health. Located at 777 Bannock Street, Denver Health is close to the State Capital. Neither the State Capital nor the Hospital are technically located in Downtown Denver. 777 Bannock is in the Golden Triangle. The State Capital is in Capital Hill. Each location is close to Downtown Denver but it’s not downtown.
Few things have to be taken into consideration:

No employee parking anywhere near that spot.
No hospital employee is wondering blocks away in their equipment.
No pro wears scrubs out in public.
No facilities in downtown Denver.
Scrubs are removed at work.
That is a violation of infection controls.
Even if they are health care workers their actions are not professional.

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