Church Attendees Shouting “Let’s go Brandon” And The Pastor Joins Them (Video)

A crowd at a church in Texas erupted in a “let’s go Brandon” chant that had been encouraged from the stage.

Video has emerged showing the crowd at pastor and televangelists’ John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio singing the thinly veiled attack on President Joe Biden.

Throughout the service, the crowd erupted chanting of “Let’s Go Brandon”–a more civilized version of the anti-Joe Biden slogans heard in sports stadiums worldwide.

Another clip shows that the “let’s go Brandon” chant—which Americans use as a direct replacement for the “f**k Joe Biden” chant—did not erupt spontaneously, but instead was led by those on stage.

Video below:


From November 11 to 13, the Cornerstone Church held the controversial “ReAwaken America”

On November 13, Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn called for the U.S. to only have one religion while speaking at the Christian event.

“If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God and one religion under God,” Flynn said

While this was a political rally held in a church many people attacked the chants by the pastor because this was still his church and he is still their pastor.

The “let’s go Brandon” catchphrase stems from NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast claiming on air that a section of the crowd at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama were chanting “let’s go Brandon” in support of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown following his victory, instead of “f**k Joe Biden.”

Since then, “Let’s go Brandon” has become a popular meme and a direct replacement for the explicit “f**k Joe Biden” which had been heard at major sporting live events and music venues for several weeks.

Alex Hall

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