Video: Thugs Fill Cars With Carriages Of Stolen Goods Worth $1600 – Employees Are Forced To Do Nothing Because Of Stores’ Policy

Four people are suspected of stealing $1,600 in goods, and the public is reminded to call 911 when they see a crime in progress.

The incident happened around 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday at the Market 32 store in the Quarry Walk Plaza on Oxford Road.

Police said they were notified about 10 minutes after multiple people were seen filling shopping carts full of items inside the store, walking out without paying, and then filling two SUVs that were waiting outside. The suspects were able to get away before police arrived.

They allegedly stole $1,600 worth of items such as detergent and paper towels. A Larceny of that amount is considered a misdemeanor larceny.

Investigators have not identified the people who stole the items and believe the vehicles were stolen as well.


What is even more interesting an employee that works in that market contacted us and confirmed that thee employees are forbi

Video below:

“This office understands the optics of the video. We would like to remind everyone that when they observe a crime in progress, contact 911 immediately. A 911 call was never placed and the call came in through the routine phone line at the Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office approximately 10-minutes after the crime had already occurred. Had 911 been contacted in a timely manner, police personnel would have been able to attempt to intercept those involved,” a news release from state police said.

Anyone with any information that could aid in identifying those involved, please call the Oxford Resident Trooper’s Office at (203) 888-4353 and reference case number 2100460035.

Unfortunately, the laws for shoplifting are non-existent these days. Store employees have their hand-tied and must abide by their stores’ policy, which in most cases let the thugs go. The criminals know it.

Natalie D.

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