Clinton Foundation Running On Empty… Relying on Wealthy Associates and Mega-Donors

When you no longer have something to sell, and no political power, it’s amazing how quickly your Foundation runs dry.

The Clinton Foundation is running on empty more than a year after the 2016 race for the White House, with insiders now claiming the organization is relying on wealthy associates and mega-donors to stay afloat.

The charity -embroiled in ‘pay-to-play’ scandals and outrageous speaking fees- plans to hold a “ritzy gala” to entice new donations and expand its fundraising base as rank-and-file Democrats move on to other political organizations.

Axios reported Monday that longtime Clinton supporters received an invitation offering access — a word that dogged Hillary Clinton throughout her failed 2016 presidential campaign — to the family at a May 24 benefit for the Clinton Foundation.

The cheapest tickets for the event will be $2,500 for cocktails and dinner. Deep-pocketed donors can lay out $100,000 for a package including “leadership reception for two, a premium table of 10, program recognition as Gala Chair and invitations to the Clinton Foundation Annual Briefing.


The Clinton Foundation found itself in hot-water throughout the 2016 campaign and beyond over allegations that donors had increased connections to Hillary Clinton while she served as Secretary of State.

“The New York Times reported that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from donors connected to Uranium One as the deal was in the process of being approved by representatives of government agencies, including Clinton’s State.

Of course, as soon as she had no power, the donations stopped coming in. It was illegal for her to take donations from foreign governments when she was SOS but when did that ever stop her!

But, it’s hard to believe that donors are still giving this criminal money. Are they that stupid? They still believe her lies? She belongs in jail, not even in the woods, she would probably steal from the Animals.

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