CNN Star Jim Acosta Shamed at Trump Rally As Crowd Chants: ‘You Are A Liar’ (VIDEO)

There is no America like Trump Rally America. And it looks like the history is repeating itself. On Tuesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta was heckled while covering a campaign rally in Tampa where President Trump is scheduled to speak. Just a month ago, Acosta was heckled while covering a campaign rally with President Donald Trump for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster.

Loud boos and chants of “CNN sucks!” erupted when Acosta stood to give a report from the rally. Apparently, people screamed “CNN sucks” and “you’re a liar” and chanted of “fake news” and “Trump, Trump.” One protester held a “CNN Sucks” sign behind Acosta.

Many political reporters posted this news on their Twitter accounts.



When you’ve got activists such as Acosta posing as ‘journalists’, then I’d say they’re right to react this way. I find it hard to generate much sympathy for him. It’s a well-known fact that CNN’s Jim Acosta has no class and shows zero respect for the office of the presidency. He wouldn’t keep it classy even in North Korea when the seemingly impossible was happening.

So, today Acosta got what he deserves! He’s been writing this check with his mouth for months. He isn’t just distrusted, he’s *disliked* by some potential customers.

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Natalie D.

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