Ivanka Trump Was the Cherry on TOP of a Packed Air Force One Flight to Tampa (PHOTOS)

Ivanka Trump is the most beautiful Presidential daughter that I can ever remember. She is soo intelligent! She handles herself with grace and intelligence. She speaks very well off the cuff to the audience. She is an elegant & capable young woman. Her daddy should be proud of her & all of his children. They have had beautiful parenting!

Ivanka was the picture of beauty in an elegantly tailored suit as she joins dad and brother Eric on board Air Force One for Florida campaign trip.

Photos below!

Via Mail Online:

Ivanka Trump was the cherry on top of a packed Air Force One flight to Tampa, Florida on Tuesday afternoon.


The 36-year-old walked confidently across the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to get to the aircraft, strutting in a tailored cherry-red suit and matching pumps.

Source: Mail Online
Source: Mail Online

She smiled wide for cameras nearby, letting her hair blow loose around her shoulders as she prepared for a trip to Tampa.

Source: Mail Online

She accessorized with a pair of pointy-toe red pumps, and what looked like a red string Kabballah bracelet on her left wrist.

Source: Mail Online

She also wore a gold and pearl brooch and small hoop earrings, while opting for a smoky eye and neutral lipstick.

Source: Mail Online

Ivanka Trump has class. Not many rich kids are this well behaved. Their parents raised them to respect others and to treat everyone with grace and dignity.

Ivanka always portrays herself with dignity, pride, care, and grace. She is never rude, or anyway, obnoxious or pretentious. I think she presents herself to the world as an excellent example of proper accomplishment in the USA. So, for all the degrading fools who try to put her down for appearing so outstanding for her job, their appearance is obviously as much a disgrace as their work.

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