Communist Ranger and West Pointer receives an Other Than Honorable discharge

Since tweets of 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone first swirled around the internet on Sunday, several outlets have printed rumors and speculation about his service.

Army Times has been able to confirm that Rapone enlisted as an infantryman in September 2010 and, following initial training, completed the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program.

He received his tan beret and 75th Ranger Regiment scroll in spring 2011, Stokes said, then deployed to Afghanistan that summer with 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, out of Fort Stewart, Georgia.

But later that year, according to U.S. Army Special Operations command spokesman Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt, he was “removed for standards” from the regiment.

The following year, he headed off to West Point.


After his commissioning in 2016, Rapone attended the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, and was meant to follow it up by earning his Ranger tab in early 2017.

He did not complete that training, Stokes said.

The 10th Mountain Division has opened an investigation into Rapone’s political activities. Service members are not permitted to promote political causes while in uniform.

Rapone had made his Twitter account, which contained several other posts expressing communist beliefs — as well as denigrating Defense Secretary James Mattis — private as of Thursday.


LawNewz verified the legitimacy of the photograph with Rapone himself. He is currently in the field until Friday and unable to answer detailed questions.

The former Democrat lawmaker who nominated Communist Spenser Rapone to West Point strongly disavowed his tweets calling for political violence and claiming ‘Communism will win’.

The former Dem Rep. for Pennsylvania, Jason Altmire called Rapone’s tweets shocking, disappointing and abhorrent.

Spenser Rapone was recently given an “other than honorable discharge” from the US military.

SOFREP reported:

Recently, Spenser Rapone re-tweeted a post on Twitter which announced that he would be speaking at a socialist event in July as he was being processed out of the Army this June with an other than honorable discharge. This was likely the harshest punishment the Army could give Rapone unless they decided to charge him with something like sedition. With another than honorable discharge, Rapone will not be entitled to VA benefits, the GI Bill, and may have difficulties in finding employment.

As an avowed communist, one who is networked with other like-minded individuals, he may find a bit of a safety net after he is discharged from organizations he associates with such as the Democratic Socialists of America Veterans Working Group, which is reputed to be about 150 members strong. None the less, Rapone’s political decisions and judgments will likely follow him long after he separates from the military.

Rapone is scheduled to speak at the Socialism 2018 conference in Chicago on July 5. His bio for the event, which features a photo of him in uniform, reads:

“Spenser Rapone is a former Army Ranger and Infantry Officer recently separated from the military for speaking out against its imperialist violence. He enlisted as an infantryman out of high school in 2010 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. After returning from his combat tour, he applied and was accepted into the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY in 2012, graduating and receiving his commission in May 2016. Deciding he could no longer stomach the immorality of US imperialism, he spoke out against the reprehensible actions of the military in September 2017. He ultimately resigned his commission, and was separated from the Army in June 2018 with an Other Than Honorable discharge.”

Hopefully the “former Democratic lawmaker” who nominated him will realize he or she possesses all the judgement of a small vegetable…and will recuse itself from ever voting again.

I remember what the elders use to say about Commies back in the day.

“The only good Commie is a……” Well, you know the rest.

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