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County’s Health Department Told Local Businesses Not To Allow Out-Of-Towners Into Their Store Unless They Are Wearing A Pink Wristband

It’s been 230 years since James Madison drafted the Bill of Rights—the first ten amendments to the Constitution—as a means of protecting the people against government tyranny, and what do we have to show for it?

Nothing good.

In America today, the government does whatever it wants, freedom be damned.

We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document, but the reality of life in the American police state tells a different story.

“We the people” have been terrorized, traumatized, and tricked into a semi-permanent state of compliance by a government that cares nothing for our lives or our liberties.

A local Montana health department told local businesses not to allow out-of-towners into their store unless they were wearing a pink wristband. This reminds of certain Nazi Germany!

The health department in a small Montana community faced national outrage after they sent a flyer to local businesses telling them to ban any out-of-town citizen who was not wearing a pink wristband.

“Anyone who is from out of town or out of Valley County, staying here/working here, and has not completed the 14-day quarantine is REQUIRED BY THE VALLEY COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER ORDER to use curbside delivery only,” the flyer from the Valley County Health Department stated. “They are not to enter your business to shop.”

The story that was first reported by the Montana Daily Gazette didn’t even appeared on our mainstream media.

According to the flier produced by the Valley County Health Department, out-of-towners who lack the government-issued armbands will be prohibited from stores and residents are notified to call law enforcement if they do not comply.

The health department even issued a script to warn customers to flee, saying, “You are violating our Governor’s and Valley County’s Health Officer’s orders. I am happy to shop for you with curbside delivery. I will get the items for you and bring them to your car. If you don’t cooperate, you will force me to call law enforcement.”

See below:

The Valley County health officer’s dubiously unconstitutional order can be seen below.

Someone realized that the Valley County Health Department’s wristbands were rather similar to what Hitler mandated in Nazi Germany.
The decision wasn’t received well from the locals either so the Valley County Commissioners offered the following apology and “retraction” of the health department’s flier:

“In response to significant public concern regarding out of county contractors who are present in our communities for essential work purposes, one of the companies partnered with the County Health Officer to wear pink wristbands following their 14- day quarantine,” the statement read. “This was implemented to help alleviate community concerns about the potential spread of COVID-19. These bands are not government issued and are not a part of any of the current health orders in place. Rather, they are a good faith effort by these contractors to try to put the community at ease.”

The statement continued:

“In a break-down of our internal processes, a flier went out to local business owners seemingly indicating such wrist bands are required for out of county individuals, and that local business owners were obligated to report violations of the health orders. That is not the intent of Valley County, and that flier has been rescinded,” the commissioners said. “We apologize, again, for any confusion this has caused. We are addressing our internal processes and want to thank all community members for continuing to work with us during this unprecedented time.”
What do you think about the draconian measures that are implentend in our country?
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Natalie D.

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