DC Court Demands DOJ ‘Preserve’ Comey’s Work-Related Emails from Private Account

How can a man walk free, who has embarrassed the FBI, lost respect for the agency, and feel he has done nothing wrong?? Luckily, James Comey is not off the hook yet.

On Tuesday, a federal court ordered the Department of Justice to preserve federal records located in the personal email accounts of fired FBI Director James Comey, after Judicial Watch and TheDCNF had filed a motion asking the court to issue an order for preservation that was opposed by the Justice Department and FBI.

Judicial Watch and TheDCNF filed a joint lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act on April 25 seeking records, including emails, Comey produced regarding meetings and conversations he had with then-President Barack Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden and a variety of other political figures.

The court ruled:

“[T]he Court will allow [the DOJ] until September 28, 2018, to complete its review and release any responsive, non-exempt records to Plaintiffs. That being said, [the DOJ} is also ORDERED to make rolling productions between today and September 28, 2018, at reasonable intervals, of any records that are reviewed and found to be responsive and non-exempt. In order to avoid any possible issues later in this litigation, the Court will GRANT [Judicial Watch’s] Motion. [The DOJ] is ORDERED to take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that any records that are potentially responsive to either of the Plaintiffs’ FOIA requests located on former Director Comey’s personal e-mail account are preserved. Although it contends that such an order is unnecessary, [the DOJ] has not explained why this preservation order would prejudice the Defendant or cause any undue burden.”


In regard to this, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said:“The FBI has been playing shell games with Comey’s records and other records, so we’re pleased the court issued this preservation order.”

He added: “This preservation order helps to ensures no Comey records are going to be lost or destroyed. We expect the DOJ to take immediate steps to make sure the records are preserved, as the court ordered.”

Finally, something working for the people. It’s about time the courts ruled against the dirty deep state.

I wonder if James Comey will sing about Obama if pushed? How far will he go if backed into a corner? I think someone will squeal soon if they’re facing jail. That’s what’s needed here! Start draining that swamp and get them behind bars! Enough of wasting taxpayer money on nonsense!

Let’s just hope the e-mails are not already destroyed so we can, at last, get some justice.

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Natalie D.

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