Hate Hoax – A Federal Courthouse Violently Targeted By Antifa & BLM For A Basketball Poster That Was “Mistaken” For ‘White Supremacist’ Symbol

A protester in Portland claimed she spotted a white supremacist hate symbol taunting her from a window of the BLM-besieged federal court.

The video uploaded to Twitter on Saturday by Morgan McKniff, a Portland-based Antifa activist and self-described “citizen journalist,” claims to show a racist symbol in the window of the Mark O. Hatfield US Courthouse, a building targeted during weeks of violent demonstrations by Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters.

“White Power symbol in window outside the US Court House,” McKniff tweeted along with the video. Her tweet was quickly shared by other Antifa accounts, racking up thousands of video views within hours. Antifa group Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front tweeted out an image of the hand, adding, “Inside the Federal Courthouse in Portland: White Power symbol on a background of 3s— ’33’ being used to signify ‘KKK.'”

Video below:

The rows of the digit “3” are also significant, the theory goes. They stand for “33/6,” which klansmen use to refer to their organization.


Photos below:

However, as it turns out, the image is not a white supremacist or KKK symbol but rather a poster for the Trail Blazers NBA basketball team produced by NBC Sports Northwest. The three fingers symbolize three points.

“We can confirm the poster spotted in a Hatfield Courthouse window this evening is in fact a Portland Trailblazers poster,” tweeted the Oregon US Attorney’s Office.

Portland Trail Blazers photo:

Antifa & BLM supporters were calling for the federal courthouse to be shot at and burned down because of that image. Even when their hoax was exposed, they still attacked the building last night.

Video below:

Another video:

Earlier, Oregon State Police investigated an ‘OK’ gesture made by an officer during a Black Lives Matter rally, which the demonstrators took as a white power symbol shown in support of a counter-protest. The police found nothing wrong with it.

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