Video: Antifa Take An Older Man’s Bicycle And Then Sucker Punch Him – No Media Coverage

Protests in downtown Portland continued Sunday night the 46th day of Portland protests after the death of George Floyd, a Black man killed after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck.

The official statement was that by 10 p.m., a group of several hundred protesters had gathered near the courthouse chanting and listening to speakers talk over a megaphone. They lit a fire in the base of the former elk statue, but no clashes had occurred or police is seen after 11 p.m

With no police around, Antifa turned their focus on an innocent elderly person.

A video shows an elderly person harassed by Antifa as they took his bicycle and shortly after he was sucker-punched by one of the rioters.

Video below:


They also attacked a person that was filming them at the public gathering.

Video below:

AntiFa are thieves, they want peoples’ property for free.
They were going for his bicycle, but in reality, they are going after the tax money of the working class, and all that stuff they looted from stores, and ultimately anything others have.

They’re not “anti-capitalist”, just greedy and too lazy to work for it.

This type of lawlessness must be condemned by decent people everywhere, and law enforcement must respond accordingly.

But once again the mainstream media failed to report an incident like this, there was no media outrage or political figures that will condemn this attack.

So no police no politicians to condemn them and no media coverage.

And below we have a printscreen of Portland’s mayor and Portland’s commissioner statements on condemning attack on some of the rioters:

This is double standards, These “leaders” have failed. Remove them, please.

Alex Hall

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