Home Depot Co-Founder’ Has Anti – PC Message For Obama – Barack Will Be Furious (Video)

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone started out poor and built an empire. He isn’t a whiner. He seems thoughtful, kind and has ideas for success from the bottom up.

Wednesday night on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Ken Langone offered a spicy bit of advice to former President Barack Obama. He insisted Obama should “go off into the sunset” and “keep [his] mouth shut.”

Watch the video below!

Cavuto asked: “Why don’t you think the president is getting more of the goodwill from this good economy — the good markets? Now there’s been a battle between [Trump] and President Obama; who takes the credit for this bull market — the longest in history? Who does?”

“Forget about it. Obama ought to do what every great president did. Go off into the sunset. Be the mother of the groom. Wear beige and keep your mouth shut. OK?” Langone said.


“What I’m saying is that like it or not, Trump’s base is rock solid,” he continued. “Donald Trump needs 15 percent of the voters to get re-elected in 2020. That 35 percent is rock solid. I would hope he would do things differently than he did, but damn, give the guy credit. The Koreans had a big parade. They had — nothing. We had a meeting with them. I watched John Kerry on television. Oh, we couldn’t get a meeting with them.”

This is a guy that knows what he’s talking about! I love what he said! We need more people like him to tell the hater out there!


Sounds good to me. So yes, Obama sit down, go away and shut up!

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